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ANL Series Non Time-Delay Current Limiters

Catalog Symbol: ANL
Non-Time Delay
Ampere Rating: 35 to 750A
Voltage Rating: 32Vac (or less); 80Vdc (or less)
Interrupting Rating: 6,000A ac, 2,700A dc

Agency Information:
UL Recognized, (600, 675 and 750A only)
Guide JFHR2, File E56412
SAE J1171 (35-500A): Ignition Protected

General Information:
• Isolates faults in equipment systems such as lifttrucks and other battery operated systems.
• Silver-plated copper link.
• Link element visible through mica window.

Dimensional Data

Electrical Ratings (Catalog Symbol and Amperes)
32Vac IR 6000A 32Vac IR 2700A
ANL-35 ANL-130 ANL-300 ANL-600
ANL-40 ANL-150 ANL-325 ANL-675
ANL-50 ANL-175 ANL-350 ANL-750
ANL-60 ANL-200 ANL-400 -
ANL-80 ANL-225 ANL-500 -
ANL-100 ANL-250 - -
ANL-125 ANL-275 - -

Time-Current Characteristic Curves–Average Melt

Fuse Block:
Catalog Number: 4164, 4164-FR

Description: Limiter fuse blocks for ANL & ANN.

• 4164 furnished with nylon inserted locknuts
• 4164-FR furnished with standard hex nuts

Dimensions Length: 3.38" Width: 0.95" Height: 1.62" Studs center to center: 2.43"
Poles: 1 - stud terminal

Volts: 125Vac, 80Vdc
Amps: 10-800A

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