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TIS Series Red spot range offset bolted tags fuse links

Product description
Eaton’s Bussmann series Red Spot range of offset bolted tags BS fuse links (in sizes A1 to A4) is specifically designed for the protection of general industrial applications, e.g. power distribution, cable protection, motor protection.
• Good peak and let-through current limitation
• 1:1.6 Selective coordinate ratio between ‘minor’ and ‘major’ fuse
• Suitable for motor protection as gM ratings enhance the breaking capacity capability
• Power loss values well within the limits of IEC 60269

Standard/Agency information:
• BS88-2
• IEC 60269-2
Technical data:
• Breaking capacity: AC: ASTA 20 certified to 80 kA, generally at 660 Volts to BS88 part 2 1988 (IEC 60269-2)
• Minimum interrupting rating: 1.6 x In

Catalogue numbers Rated voltage Rated current (Amps) BS Reference Breaking capacity Operating class   I2t (A2s) Pre-
Total at rated voltage Fixing centre (mm) Pack quantity Alternative fuse links Compatible fuse holders
TIS35 660-690 V a.c./ 460 V d.c. 35 A3 80 kA gG 1380 6500 73 20 K07-660
BAO at 550 V a.c.
RS63H or CM63F
TIS40 40 A3 80 kA gG 1920 8380
TIS50 50 A3 80 kA gG 3410 13260
TIS63 63 A3 80 kA gG 6500 25000
TIS63M80 63M80 A3 80 kA gM 14000 66000
TIS63M100 63M100 A3 80 kA gM 17000 100000

Dimensions - mm
TIS35 to TIS63

TIS63M80 and TIS63M100

Time current curve
TIS35 to TIS63

TIS63M80 and TIS63M100

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