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1300 & 1500Vdc Solar PV Series Photovoltaic Fuse Links for Solar Panel Applications


A range of 14 x 65mm package fuse links specifically designed for protecting and isolating photovoltaic strings. These fuse links are capable of interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted PV systems (reverse current, multi-array fault).

Catalogue Symbol:
Cylindrical: PV-(amp rating)A14LF
Cylindrical with Tags: PV-(amp rating)A14L-T
Cylindrical with 10mm Fixings: PV-(amp rating)A14LF10F
Fuse Size: 14x65mm
Class of Operation: gPV and UL PV fuse links
Standards/Approvals: IEC 60269-6, RoHS compliant

Packaging: MOQ: 10
Packaging 100% recyclable
Technical Data:
Rated Voltage: 1300Vdc (25 and 32A); 1500Vdc (15 and 20A)
Amps: 15-32A
Rated Breaking Capacity: 10kA
PV Fuse Coordination w/: Thin film cells and 4”, 5” and 6” crystalline silicon cells.
Time Constant: 1-3ms

Dimensions - mm
Cylindrical PV-(amp rating)A14LF

Cylindrical with Tags PV-(amp rating)A14L-T

Cylindrical with 10mm Fixings PV-(amp rating)A14LF10F

Technical Data
Part Number Current
Energy Integrals I2t (A2s) Watts Loss
Cylindrical Cylindrical with Tags Cylindrical with
10mm Fixings
Pre-Arcing Total at
rated voltage
0.8 In In
PV-15A14LF PV-15A14L-T PV-15A14LF10F 15 1500Vdc 14 160 3.2 5.8
PV-20A14LF PV-20A14L-T PV-20A14LF10F 20 34 400 3.6 6.5
PV-25A14LF PV-25A14L-T PV-25A14LF10F 25 1300Vdc 65 550 4.1 7.5
PV-32A14LF PV-32A14L-T PV-32A14LF10F 32 105 900 5.7 10.4

Time-Current Characteristics


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