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TPC & TPCDS Telpower® Compact Fused Disconnect Switches

TPC: Telpower® compact currentlimiting fuses.
TPCDS: Telpower compact fused disconnect switch available in two disconnect switch profiles in addition to a variety of terminal styles. Recommended 0.75” center-to- center product spacing.

Volts: 80Vdc
Amps: 3-125A (See Catalog Numbers table for details)
IR: 100kA

Agency Information: CE, UL Recognized (investigated to UL 1801) as a disconnect switch for the interruption of load current by means of withdrawing the fuse pullout.

Recognized to US and Canadian requirements under the component recognition program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Files E219046 and E56412.

Flammability Ratings: Fuse UL 94V0, 170°C RTI, Housing UL 94V0, 120°C RTI.

Features and Benefits
• Highest interrupting rating (100kA) available and complete system coordination for dc circuit protection for compact footprint providing a superior protection solution for replacement of existing dc telecom circuit breakers
• AmpColor ID™ System makes fuse replacement easy
• Local and remote open fuse indication. Local alarm indication provided by LED on TPC fuse
• Remote alarm terminal available in three positions common to dc circuit protection devices

Typical Applications
• Telecommunications DC power circuit protection
• Replacement of DC telecom circuit breakers
• Applications where venting of arc or molten metals and gases during opening would pose a problem to surrounding devices

Catalog Numbers
TPCS disconnect switch
Catalog Numbers Amp Range
TPCDS-BBE-1 3-125
TPCDS-BBE-2 3-125
TPCDS-BBE-3 3-125
TPCDS-BBM-1 3-125
TPCDS-BBM-2 3-125
TPCDS-BBM-3 3-125
TPCDS-BSE-1 3-125
TPCDS-BSE-2 3-125
TPCDS-BSE-3 3-125
TPCDS-BSM-1 3-125
TPCDS-BSM-2 3-125
TPCDS-BSM-3 3-125
TPCDS-SSE-1 3-125
TPCDS-SSE-2 3-125
TPCDS-SSE-3 3-125
TPCDS-SSM-1 3-125
TPCDS-SSM-2 3-125
TPCDS-SSM-3 3-125
TPCDS-D-BC1* 3-125
TPCDS-D-BC2* 3-125
TPCDS-D-CC1* 3-125
TPCDS-D-SEC1* 3-125
TPCDS-D-SEC2* 3-125
TPCDS-D-SMC1* 3-125
TPCDS-D-SMC2* 3-125
*Not investigated to Canadian Requirements.

TPC Current-Limiting Fuse
Catalog Numbers Amp Range
TPC-3 3
TPC-4 4
TPC-5 5
TPC-6 6
TPC-7 7
TPC-8 8
TPC-10 10
TPC-12 12
TPC-15 15
TPC-20 20
TPC-25 25
TPC-30 30
TPC-40 40
TPC-50 50
TPC-60 60
TPC-75 75
TPC-90 90
TPC-100 100
TPC-125 125
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