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CIF06 HRCI-CB Industrial Ceramic Body Fuses


Description: A miniature industrial fuse that provides both short-circuit and overload protection and the CIF06 fits the 30A SAFEloc fuse holder.

• Industrial miniature fuse with offset blades for clip-in mounting.
• Ground ceramic body with plated endcaps.
• Provides both short circuit and overload protection.
• CIF06 fits the 30A SafeLOC fuseholder.

Construction: Ground ceramic body with plated end caps.

Volts: 600Vac/250Vdc
Amps: 1-30A
IR: 200kA RMS Sym.
Agency Information: CE, CSA C22.2 No. 106-M92 (3-30A only).

Mounting: Clip-in offset blades.

Features and Benefits
• Close sizing to loads allows using smaller and less costly switches
• Provides a higher degree of short-circuit protection
• Helps protect motors against burnout from overloads

Typical Applications
• For use in circuits subject to surge currents such as those caused by motors, transformers and other inductive loads

Dimensions - in (mm)

Catalog Number
Catalog Numbers Amp Ratings Power Dissipation @ Rated Amps
Old New Watts
1CIF06 1CIF06 1A  
3CIF06 3CIF06B 3A 1.8
6CIF06 6CIF06B 6A 1.5
10CIF06 10CIF06B 10A 3.4
15CIF06 15CIF06B 15A 2.4
20CIF06 20CIF06B 20A 3.2
25CIF06 25CIF06B 25A 3.6
30CIF06 30CIF06B 30A 3.6

Time Current-Curves

Peak Let-Through Curves

Energy Let-Through Curves

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