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GMQ In-line Size Rejecting Fuses and Fuse Holder

Class: Supplemental
Time-delay, size-rejecting in-line fuse and fuse holder.
Construction: Ceramic tube.
Volts: 300Vac (or less)
Amps: 1⁄2-61⁄4A
IR: 10kA
Agency Information:
CE, Std. 248-14, UL Listed (Guide JDYX, File E19180), CSA Certified, (Class 1422-01, File 53787)

General Information:
• GMQ fuse mounts in type HLQ size rejection (size limiting) carrier (prevents overfusing).
• HLQ carrier comes with 6” of #18 red insulated solid copper wire attached to the line side.
• Customer inserts a #18 insulated solid copper wire into load side receptacle.
• Size of type GMQ fuses varies with ampere ratings.
• Fuse and knob are an integral one-piece unit. There are no replacement knobs (caps).
• Units can be panel mounted with a separate steel clip. For the knockout hole (see above), choose #BK/A-104. For the keyhole punch type hole, choose #6374 for panels .043” to .062” thick, or #4909 for panels .030” to .042” thick.
• Do not put tension on line (rear) termianl of fuleholder.
Features and Benefits
• In-line, fast-acting circuit protection.
• Rejection feature prevents overfusing.
Typical Applications
• In-Line Lighting Ballast Protection

Electrical Ratings for Type GMQ Fuses and Rejection Style Carriers
Fuse                       Carrier
GMQ-1⁄2               HLQ-1⁄2
GMQ-6⁄10             HLQ-16⁄10
GMQ-8⁄10             HLQ-16⁄10
GMQ-1                  HLQ-16⁄10
GMQ-11⁄4             HLQ-16⁄10
GMQ-16⁄10           HLQ-16⁄10
GMQ-2                  HLQ-32⁄10
GMQ-21⁄2             HLQ-32⁄10
GMQ-3                  HLQ-32⁄10
GMQ-32⁄10          HLQ-32⁄10
GMQ-4                  HLQ-5
GMQ-5                  HLQ-5
GMQ-61⁄4             HLQ-8

Dimensional Data

Time-Current Characteristic Curves–Average Melt

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