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AB,AM and CAV Potential Transformer Fuses

British Standard VT fuses with low current ratings for use in voltage transformers or operating transformers to provide isolation of the associated system in the event of faults in the transformer circuit.

E-Rated: See single asterisk in Basic Catalog Numbers table
Volts: 3.6-38kV 
Amps: 2-15A
IR: 25-80kA
Agency Information:
BS2692-1 and IEC60282-1
Features and Benefits
• Physically dimensioned for retrofitting in existing hardware.
• Space saving size.
Typical Applications
• Medium Voltage Potential Transformers
• Small Medium Voltage Service Transformers

Basic Catalog Numbers for “AB” & “AM” Series
Recommended fuse clip for 1 diameter fuses – A3354705.
Basic Catalog Numbers for “CAV” Series
Basic Cat. Numbers Volts Amp Ratings Type Dimensions - in (mm) IR
Length Diameter
3.6ABWNA3.15, 3.6ABWNA6.3 3.6kV 3.15A, 6.3A AB 5.6 (142.2) 1 (25.4) 50KA
3.6ABCNA3.15, 3.6ABCNA6.3, 3.6ABCNA10 3.6kV 3.15A, 6.3A, 10A AB 7.69 (195.3) 1 (25.4) 50KA
5.5ABWNA0.5*, 5.5ABWNA1*, 5.5ABWNA2*, 5.5ABWNA3*, 5.5ABWNA5* 5.5kV 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A AB 5.6 (142.2) 1 (25.4) 50KA
5.5AMWNA0.5*, 5.5AMWNA1.0*, 5.5AMWNA2.0*, 5.5AMWNA3.0*, 5.5AMWNA4.0*, 5.5AMWNA5.0* 5.5kV 0.5A, 1.0A, 2.0A, 3.0A, 4.0A, 5.0A AM 5.6 (142.2) 0.81 (20.6) 50KA
7.2ABWNA3.15, 7.2ABWNA6.3 7.2kV 3.15A, 6.3A AB 5.6 (142.2) 1 (25.4) 45KA
7.2ABCNA3.15, 7.2ABCNA6.3 7.2kV 3.15A, 6.3A AB 7.69 (195.3) 1 (25.4) 45KA
12ABCNA3.15 12.0kV 3.15A AB 7.69 (195.3) 1 (25.4) 45KA
15.5ABFNA3.15 15.5kV 3.15A AB 10.00 (254) 1 (25.4) 32KA
17.5ABGNA3.15 17.5kV 3.15A AB 14.13 (358.9) 1 (25.4) 35KA
24ABGNA3.15 24.0kV 3.15A AB 14.13 (358.9) 1 (25.4) 25KA
36ABGNA3.15** 36.0kV 3.15A AB 14.13 (358.9) 1 (25.4) 31.5KA
Type CAVH are fitted with a striker pin for indication.
* E-Rated fuses
**For clean indoor applications only.

Recommended Fuse Clips: 1” dia. - A3354705, 1.63” dia. - 1A0835, .819 dia. - 1A1837
Contact Cooper Bussmann for complete specifications on potential transformer fuses
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