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OEFMA British Standard IEC Fuses

For Use in Oil Filled Distribution Switchgear


Description: BS 2692-1 medium voltage fuses for use on the primary circuit of three-phase 50Hz transformers in oil field switchgear. Fitted with powerful pyrotechnic striker pin.

Volts: 3.6-24kV
Amps: 6.3-200A
IR: 25-50kA (See Catalog Number table below)

Agency Information: Fuses comply with IEC 60282-1, BS2692-1 and ESI Standard 12-8. 7.2 and 12kV fuses tested at highest system voltage and approved by the UK Electricity
Association approvals panel.

Featues and Benefits
• Physically sized for replacement of British Standard fuse links

Typical Applications
• Medium Voltage BS Designed Equipment

Current-limiting fuse for use in oil switchgear
Fuse types: OEF, OEG, OHF, OHG, OLG

Code Number Reference

Catalog Numbers
Transformer Catalog Numbers/Transformer Primary Voltage
kVA 3.3kV 6.6kV 11kV/ESI 12-8 Ref. 13.8kV
200 3.6OEFMA63 12OEFMA31.5 12OEFMA25/01 15.5OEFMA16
250 3.6OEFMA80 12OEFMA40 12OEFMA25/- 15.5OEFMA20
300/315 3.6OEFMA100 12OEFMA50 12OEFMA31.5/02 15.5OEFMA25
400 3.6OEFMA125 12OEFMA63 12OEFMA40/- 15.5OEFMA31.5
500 3.6OEFMA160 12OHFMA71 12OEFMA50/03 15.5OEFMA40
630 3.6OEFMA200 7.2OEFMA100 12OEFMA63/- 15.5OEFMA50
750/800 3.6OLGMA250 7.2OHGMA125 12OHFMA80/04 15.5OEFMA63
1000 3.6OLGMA250* 7.2OHGMA140 12OHGMA90**/05 15.5OHGMA71
1250 - 7.2OHGMA160* 12OHGMA100/- 15.5OHGMA90
1600 - - 12OLGMA125*/- 15.5OLGMA100*
This Catalog Number selection table is based upon the following criteria:
1. Withstand against magnetizing inrush current taken as 12 times full-load current for 0.1 second.
2. Withstand against 150% permissible overload current. Recommendations marked with asterisks have the following significance:-
*Limited to permissible overloads of 130%.
**Permits use of a 12kV OHFMA 80A fuse with a 100kVA transformer where permissible overload does not exceed 130%.
3. For 6.6kV systems, 12kV fuses are recommended where possible in the interests of standardization.
4. Wherever possible, 10 inch long FO1 fuses are offered rather than equivalent 14 inch FO2 types.
5. The above recommendations are not generally applicable to transformers feeding motor circuits with starting currents in excess of the transformer full load current. In this event, please consult Cooper Bussmann or Bolfmax.

Catalog Numbers
Basic Cat. Number Voltage Dimensional Ref.BS 2692 Amp Ratings Breaking Capacity(kA)
3.6OEFMA 3.6kV FO1 6.3,10,16,20,25,31.5,40,50,63,80,100,125,160,200 50
3.6OEGMA 3.6kV FO2 100,125,160,200 50
3.6OLGMA 3.6kV FO2 250 50
7.2OEFMA 7.2kV FO1 80,100,112 45
7.2OHGMA 7.2kV FO2 125,140,160 45
12OEFMA 12.0kV FO1 6.3,10,16,20,25,31.5,40,50,63 40
12OHFMA 12.0kV FO1 71,80 40
12OHGMA 12.0kV FO2 6.3,10,16,20,25,31.5,40,50,63,71,80,90,100 40
12OLGMA 12.0kV FO2 125 40
15.5OEFMA 15.5kV FO1 6.3,10,16,20,25,31.5,40,50,63 40
15.5OHGMA 15.5kV FO2 71,80,90 40
15.5OLGMA 15.5kV FO2 100 40
17.5OHGMA 17.5kV FO2 6.3,10,16,20,25,31.5,40,50,63,80 35
24OEGMA 24.0kV FO2 6.3,10,16,20,25,31.5,40,50 25

Catalog Number Build-A-Code

3.6OEFMA6.3 3.6OEGMA200 12OHFMA71 15.5OEFMA10 17.5OHGMA31.5
3.6OEFMA10 3.6OLGMA250 12OHFMA80 15.5OEFMA16 17.5OHGMA40
3.6OEFMA16 7.2OEFMA80 12OHGMA6.3 15.5OEFMA20 17.5OHGMA50
3.6OEFMA20 7.2OEFMA100 12OHGMA10 15.5OEFMA25 17.5OHGMA63
3.6OEFMA25 7.2OEFMA112 12OHGMA16 15.5OEFMA31.5 17.5OHGMA80
3.6OEFMA31.5 7.2OHGMA125 12OHGMA20 15.5OEFMA40 24OEGMA6.3
3.6OEFMA40 7.2OHGMA140 12OHGMA25 15.5OEFMA50 24OEGMA10
3.6OEFMA50 7.2OHGMA160 12OHGMA31.5 15.5OEFMA63 24OEGMA16
3.6OEFMA63 12OEFMA6.3 12OHGMA40 15.5OHGMA71 24OEGMA20
3.6OEFMA80 12OEFMA10 12OHGMA50 15.5OHGMA80 24OEGMA25
3.6OEFMA100 12OEFMA16 12OHGMA63 15.5OHGMA90 24OEGMA31.5
3.6OEFMA125 12OEFMA20 12OHGMA71 15.5OLGMA100 24OEGMA40
3.6OEFMA160 12OEFMA25 12OHGMA80 17.5OHGMA6.3 24OEGMA50
3.6OEFMA200 12OEFMA31.5 12OHGMA90 17.5OHGMA10
3.6OEGMA100 12OEFMA40 12OHGMA100 17.5OHGMA16
3.6OEGMA125 12OEFMA50 12OLGMA125 17.5OHGMA20
3.6OEGMA160 12OEFMA63 15.5OEFMA6.3 17.5OHGMA25

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