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C310FC Series 3.6x10mm Axial-leaded Fast-Acting Ceramic Tube Fuses

A fast-acting 3.6 x 10mm axial-leaded fuse constructed with ceramic tube and one-piece nickel-plated endcaps featuring tinned copper axial leads. Small 3.6 x 10mm size offers more design flexibility by doing away with conventional over-capping while providing higher I2t values.

Electrical Characteristics
Amp Rating  1.5In Min  2.1In Max  2.75In  4In  10In Max
Min Max Min Max
800mA~3.15A 1hour 30min 10ms 3sec 3ms 300ms 20ms

Volts: 250Vac
Amps: 1.6 to 3.15 amps
Interrupting Rating: 35 amps @ 250Vac

Agency Information
• cURus Approval: File E19180 Guide JDYX2/YX8
• TUV Approval: File No: J 50217156
• CQC: CQC12012069004
• KC: SU05030-12001A

• Specify packaging, product and option code (e.g., C310FC-2-TR1) Environmental Specifications:
• Terminal Strength: MIL-STD-202G Method 211A. Test Condition A
• Thermal Shock: MIL-STD-202G,Method 107G (Test Condition 5cycles -40°C to 85°C)
• Resistance to Moisture: MIL-STD-202G, Method 106, Humidity (90~98%RH), Heat (65°C)
• Vibration: MIL-STD-202G, Method 201A (10~55Hz) Condition A
• Salt Spray: MIL-STD-202G, Method 101D, Test Condition B
• Solderability: J-STD-002C, Test Method C1

• Single cap, axial leaded, fast-acting fuse
• 3.6 x 10mm physical size
• Ceramic tube, nickel-plated brass endcap construction
• Tinned copper axial leads
• Designed to IEC60127-3, Sheet 3
• RoHS complaint, lead-free and halogen free
• cURus, TUV, CQC, KC Agency approvals

Dimensions - mm
Drawing Not to Scale

Catalog Number Voltage Rating Vac Interrupting Rating @ 250Vac (Amps) Typical Cold Resistance (mΩ)* Typical Melting I2t (A2s)** Max. Voltage Drop (mV)*** Agency Information 
C310FC-800mA-R 250 35 70 0.56 180 X X    
C310FC-1.6A-R 250 35 34.5 2.2 120 X X X X
C310FC-2A-R 250 35 26 3.8 100 X X X X
C310FC-3.15A-R 250 35 15 13.3 100 X X X X
* Typical Cold Resistance (Measured at _<10% of rated current).
** Typical Melting I2t (Tested at 10ln).
*** Maximum Voltage Drop (Voltage drop was measured at 25°C ambient temperature at rated current).

Wave Soldering Parameters
Note: These devices are NOT recommended for IR or convection reflow processes.

• Reservoir Temperature: 260°C ± 3°C
• Soldering Time: 3 seconds max.

Hand Solder Parameters (Not Recommended)
• Soldering Iron Tip Temperature: 350°C ± 5°C
• Heating Time: 4-5 seconds max.

Time-Current Curves

Temperature Derating Curve

Packaging Code
Packaging Code Suffix Description
-TR1 1500 Fuses on a reel, five (5) reels in one (1) carton
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