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JT60030 JT60060 Safety J™ Class J Finger-Safe Fuseholders

Safety J™
JTN60030 (w/Indication)
JTN60060 (w/Indication)

Indicating and non-indicating finger-safe, DIN rail mount fuse holders for use with Class J fuses - (Cooper Bussmann® LPJ, JKS).

Construction: Thermoplastic, UL Flammability; 94VO
Voltage Ratings: 600Vac or less, 600Vdc or less*
Amperage Rating: JT(N) 60030 - 30A, JT(N)60060 - 60A
Withstand Rating: 200,000A RMS Sym.
(Self Certified at 300,000A using Bussmann LPJ_SP fuses)

Agency Information:
Listed to UL 512: 30 - 60A (Guide IZLT, File 14853)
CSA Certified: 30 - 60A (Class 6225-01, File 47235)

CE Mark: Molded into product
Indication: Min. voltage: 90Vac, 115 dc; Neon Lamp “ON” when fuse opens, voltage source and current path are present.
Touch Safe: IP20 per IEC 529
Terminations: Dual Port (30A) Torque 20 lb. in., Single Port (60A) Torque 45 lb. in., Terminal Construction, Tin plated Copper Alloy
Wire Size: JT(N)60030 - Rated for #18-#8; 75°C, CU only, JT(N)60060 - Rated for #14-#4; 75°C, CU only
(Note: For JT(N)60030 use both stranded or solid, in a variety of dual wire combinations of same wire size and type.)
Packaging: 12 in a carton

Features and Benefits
• Short-Circuit Current Rating of 300,000A with Cooper Bussmann LPJ_SP fuses.
• Rapid, flexible 35 mm DIN rail mounting.
• One piece interlocking design for assembling multiple pole blocks reduces inventory costs.
• Removable fuse carrier allows fuse replacement away from base while maintaining finger-safe rating.

Typical Applications
• Industrial Controls
• Process Controls
• Small HP VFDs

Catalog Numbers
Catalog numbers Ampere ratings Indication
JT60030  0-30 Non-indicating 
JT60060  0-60 Non-indicating 
JTN60030  0-30 Indicating (Neon) 
JTN60060  0-60 Indicating (Neon) 

JT60030 & JTN60030

JT60060 & JTN60060

JT(N)600 Series fuse blocks can be dovetailed together within the same current rating to provide multiple pole block configurations.
NOTE: JT(N)60030 cannot be dovetailed to JT(N)60060.

JT60030 & JTN60030

JT60060 & JTN60060

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