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SAMI™ Series Indicating and Non-Indicating Fuse Covers

Indicating and non-indicating fuse covers for Class J, RK1, RK5, H, K5, CC, G (0-30A) and midget-type fuses. Indicating feature requires a minimum of 90Vac or 115Vdc to illuminate lamp. One cover required for each pole.

WARNING: To avoid electrical shock, turn power off before installing, removing or servicing.

Volts: Non-Indicating - 0-600Vac/dc;  Indicating - 90 to 600Vac, -115 to 600Vdc
Amps: 0-100A

Agency Information: CE, UL Listed; SAMI-1I through SAMI-6I, SAMI-8I and SAMI-9I, SAMI-1N through SAMI-6N, SAMI-8N and SAMI-9N, UL Recognized; SAMI-7I and SAMI-7N, CSA Certified, File LR47235-93C.

Material: Black thermoplastic with a flammability rating of UL 94-V2


General Information:
• Innovative design, covers exposed terminals and contacts of Bussmann fuseblocks.
• Fits most competitive fuseblocks.
• Buss yellow light on indicating SAMI shows when the fuse is open – helps trouble shoot the system and reduces downtime.
• All versions are reusable – no need to pay for indication every time a fuse opens.
• Indication contacts have teeth to break oxidation layer on the existing fuse endcap to provide a clear signal path.
• Less than .6mA leakage current at 600 volt.
• Visual marking of line and load side.
• SAMI cover ends can easily be cut away if necessary to fit cover over existing wiring or to fit most safety switches.
• Dead-front construction provides added protection against accidental contact by maintenance personnel.
• Labels are provided with the SAMI fuse cover for writing in circuit or fuse information.
• One cover is required for each pole.
• SAMI-8_ fusecover includes adapter for use with short body Class R fuses. Adapter available separately as part number SAMI-8A.

Features and Benefits
• Insulated cover allows field conversion of fuses mounted in open fuse blocks to dead front configuration.
• Optional open fuse indicating light aids in system troubleshooting.
• Units are re-usable.
• Allows visual marking of line and load side of fuses.

Typical Applications
• Class H, R and J fuse blocks up to 100A
• Class T fuse blocks up to 60A
• Class CC, G and Midget, 30A fuse blocks

WARNING: To avoid electrical shock, turn power off before installing, removing or servicing.

Dimensional Data (inches)

CatalogNumber Description A B C
Indicating Non-indicating
SAMI-1I SAMI-1N 600V, J (0-30A) and 600V, T (35-60A)* 5.02 1.03 1.94
250V, R, K5, H (35-60A)
SAMI-2I SAMI-2N 600V, R, K5, H (0-30A) 7.03 1.3 2.07
SAMI-3I SAMI-3N 600V, J (65-100A) 7.03 1.3 2.33
SAMI-4I SAMI-4N 250V, R, K5, H (65-100A) 8.2 1.3 2.18
SAMI-5I SAMI-5N 600V, R, K5, H (35-60A) 8.2 1.3 2.18
SAMI-6I SAMI-6N 600V, J (35-60A) 4.98 1.17 2.14
SAMI-7I SAMI-7N 600V, Midget, Class CC 3.82 0.75 1.72
SAMI-8I SAMI-8N 600V, R, H (65-100A), K5 10.38 1.5 2.33
SAMI-9I SAMI-9N 250V, R, K5, H (0-30A) and 600V, T (0-30A) 3.82 0.75 1.72
* Available in non-indicating only

Indicating feature requires a minimum of 90Vac or 115Vdc to illuminate lamp.

Bussmann Fuses / SAMI Catalog Number
AGU 0-30 SAMI-7_ FRS-R 65-100 SAMI-8_ KWN-R 35-60 SAMI-1_ MIN 0-15 SAMI-7_
BAF 0-30 SAMI-7_ JJS 0-30 SAMI-9_ KWN-R 65-100 SAMI-4_ NON 0-30 SAMI-9_
BAN 0-30 SAMI-7_ JKS 0-30 SAMI-1_ KWS-R 0-30 SAMI-2_ NON 35-60 SAMI-1_
BBS 0-30 SAMI-7_ JKS 35-60 SAMI-6_ KWS-R 35-60 SAMI-5_ NON 65-100 SAMI-4_
CGL 0-60 SAMI-1_ JKS 65-100 SAMI-3_ LP-CC 0-30 SAMI-7_ NOS 0-30 SAMI-2_
FNA 0-30 SAMI-7_ KLM 0-30 SAMI-7_ LPJ 0-30 SAMI-1_ NOS 35-60 SAMI-5_
FNM 0-30 SAMI-7_ KTK 0-50 SAMI-7_ LPJ 35-60 SAMI-6_ NOS 65-100 SAMI-8_
FNQ 0-30 SAMI-7_ KTK-R 0-30 SAMI-7_ LPJ 65-100 SAMI-3_ REN 0-30 SAMI-9_
FNQ-R 0-10 SAMI-7_ KTN-R 0-30 SAMI-9_ LPN-RK 0-30SP SAMI-9_ REN 35-60 SAMI-1_
FNW 12-30 SAMI-7_ KTN-R 35-60 SAMI-1_ LPN-RK 35-60SP SAMI-1_ REN 65-100 SAMI-4_
FRN-R 0-30 SAMI-9_ KTN-R 65-100 SAMI-4_ LPN-RK 65-100SP SAMI-4_ RES 0-30 SAMI-2_
FRN-R 35-60A SAMI-1_ KTS-R 0-30 SAMI-2_ LPS-RK 0-30SP SAMI-2_ RES 35-60 SAMI-5_
FRN-R 65-100 SAMI-4_ KTS-R 35-60 SAMI-5_ LPS-RK 35-60SP SAMI-5_ RES 65-100 SAMI-8_
FRS-R 0-30 SAMI-2_ KTQ 0-6 SAMI-7_ LPS-RK 65-100SP SAMI-8_ SC 0-30 SAMI-7_
FRS-R 35-60 SAMI-5_ KWN-R 0-30 SAMI-9_ MIC 0-15 SAMI-7_

Fuseblocks / SAMI Catalog Number
BC Series SAMI-7_ J60030, JP60030 SAMI-1_
BG Series SAMI-7_ J60060 SAMl-6_
BM Series SAMI-7_ J60100 SAMI-3_
H25030 SAMI-9_ R25030 SAMI-9_
H25060 SAMI-1_ R25060 SAMI-1_
H25100 SAMI-4_ R25100 SAMI-4_
H60030 SAMI-2_ R60030 SAMI-2_
H60060 SAMI-5_ R60060 SAMI-5_
H60100 SAMI-8_ R60100 SAMI-8_
  T60030 SAMI-9_
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