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CDS,CDN & PON CSA Type P & D fuses


Description: CSA time-delay Type D & P fuses.
Dimensions: See Catalog Numbers table and Dimensions illustration.

Volts:  250Vac (CDN & PON);600Vac (CDS)
Amps: 10-600A
IR: 10kA minimum
Agency Information: CE, CSA Certified to C22.2 No. 59.1.

Features and Benefits
• Economical fuse in a variety of ratings for applications not requiring time-delay.

Typical Applications
• Lighting, heating and other circuits not subject to temporary surges and where available short-circuit current are relatively low.

Basic Catalog Numbers
Time-Delay CSA Type “D” Fuses
Catalog Numbers Volts Amp Ratings
CDN10 250Vac 10A
CDN12 12A
CDN15 15A
CDN20 20A
CDN25 25A
CDN30 30A
CDN35 35A
CDN40 40A
CDN45 45A
CDN50 50A
CDN60 60A
CDN70 70A
CDN80 80A
CDN90 90A
CDN100 100A
CDN110 110A
CDN125 125A
CDN150 150A
CDN175 175A
CDN200 200A
CDN225 225A
CDN250 250A
CDN300 300A
CDN350 350A
CDN400 400A
CDN450 450A
CDN500 500A
CDN600 600A
CDS10 600Vac 10A
CDS12 12A
CDS15 15A
CDS20 20A
CDS25 25A
CDS30 30A
CDS35 35A
CDS40 40A
CDS45 45A
CDS50 50A
CDS60 60A
CDS70 70A
CDS80 80A
CDS90 90A
CDS100 100A
CDS110 110A
CDS125 125A
CDS150 150A
CDS175 175A
CDS200 200A
CDS225 225A
CDS250 250A
CDS300 300A
CDS350 350A
CDS400 400A
CDS450 450A
CDS500 500A
CDS600 600A

One-Time CSA Type “P” Fuses
Catalog Numbers Volts Amp Ratings
PON15 250Vac 15A
PON20 20A
PON25 25A
PON30 30A
PON35 35A
PON40 40A
PON45 45A
PON50 50A
PON60 60A


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