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CGL Tron® HRC Form II Class C Fuses

CGL Form II Class C

Description: Current-limiting HRCII-C fuses designed to withstand inrush currents on typical motor start-ups while offering high current limitation in the short-circuit region.

Volts: 600Vac/250Vdc (1-30A)
Amps: 1-600A
IR: 200kA (40,000A DC)
Agency Information: CE, CSA Certified, C22.2 No. 106.

Features and Benefits
• Close sizing to loads allows using smaller and less costly switches
• Provides a higher degree of short-circuit protection
• Helps protect motors against burnout from overloads

Typical Applications
• For use in circuits subject to surge currents such as those caused by motors, transformers and other inductive loads

Catalog Numbers (-Amps)
CGL-1 CGL-40 CGL-175
CGL-2 CGL-45 CGL-200
CGL-3 CGL-50 CGL-225
CGL-4 CGL-60 CGL-250
CGL-6 CGL-70 CGL-300
CGL-10 CGL-80 CGL-350
CGL-15 CGL-90 CGL-400
CGL-20 CGL-100 CGL-450
CGL-25 CGL-110 CGL-500
CGL-30 CGL-125 CGL-600
CGL-35 CGL-150  


CGL 1-30A

CGL 35-60A

CGL 70-100A

CGL 110-200A

CGL 225-400A

CGL 450-600A
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