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Surge Protection Made Simple™ for Coaxial Data Cables - Inline

UL Listed 497B In-line Surge Protective Device for BNC Connector Cable Systems

The Cooper Bussmann BSPD5BNCSI two-stage in-line surge arrester is for protecting coaxial cable-connected systems (such as video and camera systems) from potential damage.
The BSPD5BNCSI shielded surge arrester is plugged into coaxial terminal equipment or connections. Common applications include protecting outdoor video surveillance systems or video control centers. The cable shield is indirectly grounded via a gas discharge tube to avoid being influenced by leakage pickups. The arrester input is used as a socket and the protected output as a plug.
• UL 497B Listed
• Plug-in surge protective device for easy retrofitting
• Directly plugs into terminal equipment with BNC coaxial connections
• Integrated indirect shield grounding avoids leakage pickups

Circuit Diagram

Catalog Number BSPD5BNCSI
Nominal voltage (UN) 5V
Max. continuous operating DC voltage (UC) 8V
C2 Nominal discharge current (8/20µs) per line (In) 2.5ka
C2 Nominal discharge current (8/20µs) shield-PG (In) 10ka
Voltage protection level line-shield for In C2 (Up) ≤25V
Voltage protection level line-shield at 1kV/µs C3 (Up) ≤15V
Voltage protection level shield-PG at 1kV/µs C3 (Up) ≤600V
Insertion loss at 265Mhz ≤3dB
Return loss at 40Mhz ≥20dB
Impedance (Z) 75Ω
Series impedance per line 10Ω
Capacitance line-shield (C) ≤50pF
Operating temperature range -40°C to +80°C
Connection (input / output) BNC Socket (female) / BNC Plug (male)
Grounding Via outgoing earth conductor 18aWG (0.75mm2)
Shield grounding Indirectly via an integrated spark gap element
Test standards IeC 61643-21 / eN 61643-21
agency information UL 497B

In-line BNC SPD Applications
Part Number BSPD5BNCSI
Bus Systems and Measuring & Control Technology
Control Net X
Melsec Net 2 X
Data Networks
Arcnet X
Video Systems
Video (coax) X

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