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TVS-Cooper Bussmann® Surge3™ Voltage Surge Protectors

Description: DIN rail mount voltage surge protection system for AC or DC voltage using diode or MOV technology.

Suppressor Module: 20% glass-filled PES (Polyethersulfone) case with 110 copper terminals with electroless tin plating.
DIN Rail Mount Holder: 15% glass-filled PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) case with electroless tin-plated CDA 7025 interface clips lubricated with fluoroether grease, copper box lugs and stainless steel DIN rail springs.

Volts: 12Vdc (2kA surge current); 24Vdc (2kA surge current); 48Vdc (2kA surge current); 120Vac (7kA-18kA surge current); 240Vac (7kA-18kA surge current)
Agency Information: UL Recognized (UL 1449) for AC products, (UL 497B) for DC products, CSA Approved.

Dimensions - in (mm)

Catalog Numbers
Catalog Numbers Voltage Application MCOV Technology SVR 500A, 8*20μs Suge Current Rating Agency Label Color
TVS12DCD 12Vdc 14Vdc SASD 36Vdc 2kA UL 497B Red
TVS24DCD 24Vdc 28Vdc SASD 58Vdc 2kA UL 497B White
TVS48DCD 48Vdc 57Vdc SASD 90Vdc 2kA UL 497B Black
TVS120ACD 120Vac 140Vac SASD 330Vac 7kA UL1449 Blue
TVS120ACM 120Vac 140Vac MOV 500Vac 18kA UL1449 Grey
TVS240ACD 240Vac 280Vac SASD 600Vac 7kA UL1449 Blue
TVS240ACM 240Vac 280Vac MOV 800Vac 18kA UL1449 Grey
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